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About us Caravan Cart

  Welcome to The Kids Caravan

A place where imagination is unlimited
And kids play like at the old times

A place where colour is always present
And design is timeless

A place where childhood is simple
And days are longs and years are short

Welcome to the Caravan World

We founded our first online store when our family moved to Brazil in 2011. We noticed that it was hard to find good quality children’s products that not only appealed to parents but were designed especially for children. We have a passion for unique, good quality children’s products and this prompted us to bring Oobi Baby and Kids Australia to South America for the first time. We wanted to move away from the usual offering mass-produced ranges and we are constantly searching for well-designed products to complement our online store. The efforts made our shop a standout of online retailing in Brazil.
In 2014 we moved back to New Zealand and opened our second online store to supply a unique range of products that fits with the kiwi lifestyle, letting kids be kids. We believe it should be simple to find appropriate children’s gear without spending hours searching for good products. Let Kids Caravan Webstore search for you. The idea behind our shop is to bring you a unique destination to find that special item or gift.  
At The Kids Caravan, children are testers of our products and their feedback is important for us. We believe kids do not need a whole lot of products, just a few simple and good quality ones! Here, you can find fabric and knitted dolls, colourful dresses, fun shoes, cute umbrellas and rain-jackets, summer picnic gear, quality party wear and special décor accents. 
The Kids Caravan, keeping childhood simple!
Founders of Paperdolls and The Kids Caravan


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